1594 | +0.096% | EURJPY GBPJPY

Today’s risk: 0.10%

Profit from this activity, 75% Protected profit split!

11:41 staring to buy EURJPY

12:54 closing EURJPY with a tiny loss, as it breaks support
this could just be a fakeout and it may go back up, not going to risk it.

13:38 Sell GBPJPY

13:54 Hedging GBPJPY

13:57 Stopout GBPJPY

14:45 scling (small) as this still feels bearish

15:43 close GBPJPY at m15 resistance

22:05 small hedgefest on AUDUSD .. closing at nearby support,
as news comming up, it likely going to 0.66802

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