1597 | -0.122% | AUDJPY EURUSD

Today’s risk: 0.15%

Profit from this activity, 75% Protected profit split!

11:16 Buying EURUSD (tiny size)
waiting with limit orders close to Pivot and vwap

12:16 buy AUDJPY (will scale on vwap)

13:09 closing EURUSD buys (was a tiny position anyway)

14:39 hedging AUDJPY

15:09 stopout AUDJPY Buy
(let’s hope this isn’t just opening volatility)

19:37 closing everything
the stop was not hit, but some random volatility is comming in.
everything is still “valid” NQ going down from vwap and the USD going up,
so there is a chance this may keep going down just as planned..

i’m not even finish typing this,
and AUDJPY hitting the vwap (where i originally wanted to bail this trade on for a much smaller loss)

original short target was 96.824

20:35 Sell EURUSD on vwap

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