Today’s risk: 0.35%

Profit from this!

Spreads turn out to still be kind of Horrible, as Easter aftermath. will take it “slow”

10:47 Sell EURJPY

10:52 placing Buy stop very close inside structure, to prevent a too large hedge-gap.

11:09 sell GBPUSD

12:46 closing GBPUSD early as Liquidity is still extremly low.

EUJPY Liquidity is getting worse, will close right here before this is going bad.

14:06 EURJPY hedged

14:20 quick vwap scalp on AUDUSD

markets are moving quite “random”,
well not really random, just the lack of liquidity makes it quite hard to predict

14:51 EURJPY just hit my original Target,
the position is hedged. making it pointless.

16:56 closing everything for a small profit.

there is just no liquidity to make some meaningful trades today.

18:00 it looks like .. liquidity came back, half the way into London. but everything is pretty much extended now.

18:22 quick scalp on BTCUSD on vwap volatility

BTC probably dropping even more towards 69293.

21:00 quick vwap Scalp on AUDJPY

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