Ethereum exchange supplies hit multi-year lows, VanEck analysts predict a rally to $11,800

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  • Ethereum reserves on cryptocurrency exchange platforms declined to its lowest level since March 2018. 
  • The altcoin sustained above the $1,800 level as exchange reserves nosedived.
  • Analysts at Global Investment Firm VanEck set a target of $11,800 for Ethereum price

Ethereum token reserves on exchange wallets have declined to their lowest level since 2018. As of June 5, ETH reserves sit at 17.2 million Ether, a multi-year low. Dwindling Ethereum reserves are considered a bullish catalyst for the altcoin, while analysts set an $11,800 target for the altcoin. 

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Ethereum on exchanges plummets to multi-year low

Ethereum, the largest altcoin in the crypto ecosystem witnessed a decline in its reserves across exchange wallets. Based on data from crypto intelligence tracker, as of June 5, Ethereum reserves have dropped to 17.2 million ETH. This is the lowest level since March 2018. 

The chart below reveals that 700,000 Ether tokens were pulled out of exchange wallets between May 22 and June 5. 

Ethereum balance on exchange

Ethereum balance on exchange

The chart shows a considerable decline in Ether reserves between May 16 and June 5. Typically, dwindling reserves signal a reduction in ETH supply and a decrease in selling pressure on the asset. The reduction in ETH balance on exchanges is therefore a catalyst to drive the altcoin’s price higher. 

Ethereum price sustains above $1,800 level as VanEck analysts set bullish target

Ethereum price sustained above the $1,800 level amidst market uncertainty, supporting the bullish thesis for a price rally in ETH. Analysts at VanEck, the crypto investment firm, valued Ethereum with a rigorous model, projecting a revenue increase from an annual $2.6 billion to $51 billion in 2030. 

Ethereum Valuation Scenarios according to VanEck analysts

Ethereum Valuation Scenarios according to VanEck analysts

In their base case, analysts assume Ethereum will likely be priced at $11,848 per token. As of June 2023, an Ethereum purchase is discounted if it is below $5,359.71, according to the report.

The bullish thesis is based on the estimate that Ether will emerge as a dominant open-source global settlement network that hosts substantial portions of the commercial activity of business sectors. This would position Ethereum as a majority market share holder among similar smart contract platforms.