Saudi crown prince threatened ‘major’ economic pain on US amid oil feud

content provided with permission by FXStreet


The Washington Post is reporting that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman threatened to fundamentally alter the decades-old U.S.-Saudi relationship and impose significant economic costs on the United States if it retaliated against the oil cuts.

The Washington Post wrote:

The U.S. intelligence document was circulated on the Discord messaging platform as part of an extensive leak of highly sensitive national security materials.

A spokesperson with the National Security Council said “we are not aware of such threats by Saudi Arabia.”

“In general, such documents often represent only one snapshot of a moment in time and cannot possibly offer the full picture,” the official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss an intelligence matter.

In separate news, crude oil prices posted moderate losses on reports that Iran and the US have made progress in talks over Iran’s nuclear program, which could pave the way for more Iranian crude exports.  The Israeli newspaper Haaretz said Iran and the US have made progress which could allow additional crude supplies into the global market.