STarting UB-Noise / U-Bat Crashtest

as a result of a hot discussion on how Algo/EA do burn your account on a regular basis.

we take on the challenge and try to find out how well this may performs.Startet a new VPS with Metatrader 4


This will trade the Russel 2000 (US2000) Index on the 2.0 Setting (mean fully martingale)

u-bat 1.41 Hedge Settings

Please note, this is NOT a test on if it can survive or not!
it is clear at the beginning already that this setup will Destroy/Blow the Account at some stage!

The mission here is to find out how much Money can be secured before it happens.

on the first 300% Gain (mean account balance reaches 30.000$) we will remove 15.000$ to lock in profits and the initial investment. we will figure out some plans later on how we keep it going.