SwingFish Summary Week 51

Week 51, quiet activity, which is normal for the last weeks of the Year.

Weekly Dividend for Risk-Free Plan: 0.35%

Top Gainers this week:

1000 (Chatroom/Live)

  • this Weeks Gain of 8.35%
  • no positions holding over the weekend
  • there was some “weekend trading” shortly before the market closes, that will not count, as there was no Livestream)


Chatroom & Yaser Analysis

  • this Weeks Gain of 3.81% (only 1 trade was closed)
  • holding an Equity gain 0.24% over the weekend
  • totaling this Year +86.89%.



  • this Weeks Gain of 1.12%
  • holding a drawdown of 0.02% over the weekend
  • totaling this Year with +197.08%
  • we will transfer 200$ to the UB-Noise-Slow account.




  • this Weeks Gain of 0.66%
  • holding a gain of 0.04% over the weekend
  • totaling this Year with +3.47%



  • this Weeks Loss of 1.03%
  • (mostly due to closures of old positions that where from the removed accounts of last week)
  • holding an Equity gain of 0.06% over the Weekend
  • Total Gain this Year +68.08%