SwingFish Summary Last week of 2017

Week 52, was quite interesting, the x-mas rally did not happen, the usDollar went to [-insert swear word here-] and generally correlations where not really working.

Weekly Dividend & Interest for Risk-Free Plan: 0.35%

Top Gainers this week:

1000 (Chatroom/Live)

  • this Weeks Gain of 11.68%
  • no positions holding over the weekend




  • this Weeks Gain of 1.73%
  • 30 Days: -3.56%
  • 12 Month: 63.2%
  • the changes we made 2 weeks ago, start to take shape and we in the green again.
    however the moth december is still in loss with arround 3.5%
  • holding a 1.22% Drawdown into 2018



  • this Weeks Gain of 1.2%
  • it’s the first time UB-Noise CC ranks on the upper range.
  • holding no positions
  • totaling this Year with +4.71%


Chatroom & Yaser Analysis

  • this Weeks Gain of 1.05% (only 1 trade was closed)
  • holding an Equity gain 0.33% into 2018
  • totaling this Year +88.35%.
  • lot’s of positions are still open see the Position list below



  • we crossed the 200% Mark this week after just 8 Months of runtime!!)
  • this Weeks Gain of 1.04%
  • holding no positions into 2018 (the myFxBook chart shows a massive drawdown, which is simply not correct, this things usually happen if trades closed minutes before closure)
  • totaling this Year with +200.16%
  • we will transfer 200$ to the UB-Noise-Slow account.


Total Statistics Directly from the Trade-Application