Link SwingFish Discord to EnFoid Lenders

now you can link your SwingFish Discord account with EnFoid Lenders.
using the latest OAuth2 technology to keep the data safe.

with the advantages of:

  • easy Login to Lenders using the ‘Login with discord” Button
  • receiving EnFoid Account Notifications via Discord Private Messaging
  • Show the Love in the SwingFish Chatroom via user info panel

Upcoming integrations will be:

  • 2Factor Auth via Discord (for added security)
  • Discord Commands to give you a quick account overview
  • Lender Stats for the public

How to Link:

  • your registered email with Discord MUST be Verified
    this is important to make sure the emails are not faked
  • if you have the same email in discord and EnFoid Lenders all you need to do is click the “Log in with Discord” button.
  • if you use a different email address in Lenders, for security reasons you need to log on to lenders first
  • you can see and manage the link then under “Notifications

example Link in EnFoid Lenders


Example output of !userinfo in Discord Chat with Lenders Linked