SwingFish Summary Week 41

Week 41

happened this week:

  • we haven’t had much time to continue on the Casual section
  • Economic Intraday Events are now being announced by Scruffy in the VoiceChat
  • we started working on a Notification system for vWap Triggers

Coming week:

  • there are some Brexit Events (not showing in the Economic calendar)
    so be VERY careful on day trading GBP Symbols
  • also, the IMF meeting took place over the weekend, so there were some gaps in low volume on the opening

1000 (Tradingroom/Live)

  • Weekly Gain +7.05% (126 Trades)
  • No Positions Open
  • Quarterly Gain +32.56%

Chatroom Analysis (SwingFish Signals)

  • Weekly Loss at 1.22% (4 Trades)
  • Weekend equity: 101.27% (9 positions and 2 Orders)
  • Quarterly Gain +3.58%