Streaming Hardware issue

sorry guys, my Streaming computer decided to be “dark” .. somehow it does boot up properly
i can verify that because the mixer, streamdeck and camera does initialize, which requires windows to start up and launch the management Software)

but i can’t see anything as all the screens stay dark… i will try to figure this out quickly.


i managed to get it show the post screen (Yay!!)
but only one screen show’s it, i’m starting to suspect the Graphics card maybe having an issue.

meanwhile starting to sell GBPJPY as it bounced the vWap AND pivot from the same level)

time to take the thing apart, i still have a 1070Ti somewhere here i can use to test this.

looks like the graphic card has a issue, but i can’t run all apps with the 1070,
but at least the screen-capture works so i can make a quick scalp on the Dax

will try to get it working tomorrow.