201 | +2.314% | 2 Setups | quitting early due to technical issues

05:14 good morning Everyone, the Start of Week 49 looks interesting. data is not updated yet .. but there was no gap in the price feeds .. meaning the Friday Divergences are still valid.

Currency Data now:

  • Positive: EUR
  • Negative: JPY, NZD, AUD
  • Pair(s) to Watch: EURJPY (Sell)

05:26 Buying USDJPY (for 111.7)

06:00 exit USDJPY buy but quickly changed my mind and re-entered the USDJPY Buy

06:10 exit USDJPY Buy 3 pips before my original Target, gaining a total of 1.21%

06:18 Buying USDJPY again after pullback completed

06:26 exit USDJPY Buy again gaining another 0.32%

06:40 buying USDJPY again

07:49 missed the exit as my cTrader did hang for some reason, closing USDJPY buy with a 0.202% Gain

I will stop trading at this point and figure out whats wrong with my Trading Software first

08:58 Selling USDJPY, using the web application selling USDJPY in the pullback targeting the lower channel line at 111.349.

however the pullback took a lot longer as planned, plus I not using my trading-application,
so exit early. but adding 0.586%.


of course, just 40 seconds later the target was reached … (no comment on that one)

Total Today: +2.314%

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