202 | +3.682% | 3 Setups

05:56 good morning Everyone, the Start of Week 49 looks interesting. data is not updated yet .. but there was no gap in the price feeds .. meaning the Friday Divergences are still valid.


Snapshot Data now:

  • Positive: JPY, NZD
  • Negative: CAD, EUR, CHF
  • Pair(s) to Watch: NZDCAD (Buy), EURJPY (Buy)
  • USDollar is Completly Neutral.
  • NO Planned News in Asia Session.

06:02 most pairs had an interesting Gap this morning USDJPY did Gap UP ro the vWap and smashed right down to the previous price. USDSGD however did gap down 26 pips and gaped back up a bit below the current price ..
lets see what that means to Price developments.

06:21Buying AUDJPY (for 84.62) only a probe-trade with tiny position as a blind call to the Pivot.

06:32 making the AUDJPY Buy a little bit larger (still very small size)

06:37 adding some real size to AUDJPY Buy as the price seems to start developing.
(i may probably scale out at the GAP-Top)


06:41 scaling in 15% on AUDJPY Buy

06:50 Gap Top has been reached, but I did not scale-out as planned

06:56exit AUDJPY Buy early as the price starts to consolidate gaining 0.699%

07:17re-Buy AUDJPY but this turned quickly into a loss. hedging just 5 minutes later.

08:10reversing Hedge positions, realizing a 4.922% Loss

08:36 Close all AUDJPY Positions with a 6.2% gain, (Net Gain: 1.984%)
the previous goal of this morning at 84.62 is still in play,
but I decided to exit at a nearby Trendline which may cause a bounce as it was the previous Support.

08:50re-enter AUDJPY Buy to the next trendline from H1 chart (84.728)

08:58 chicken out on AUDJPY Buy (the position was too large, could easily result in a large loss/hedge)
which I had enough today already. adding a 1.698% gain to the account.

Closing up today early with an almost 4% gain.

Total Today: +3.682%

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