203 | +1.867% | 2 Setups

07:20 starting this Wednesday a little bit late today.
strange thing I was watching the screens about 20 minutes now, and can not find anything “TRADEABLE”, normally I do have immediately a working setup on hand.

Currency Data now:

  • Positive: GBP, USD, AUD
  • Negative: JPY, EUR, CAD
  • Pair(s) to Watch: EURUSD (Sell), GBPJPY (Sell), AUDUSD (Buy)
  • almost All Majors are positive, this may lead to some interesting moves,
    but more likely to be resulting in no activity at all.
  • NO Planned News in Asia Session.

07:57 Buying EURAUD and Selling GBPJPY

08:01 both trades auto-Hedged

08:02 reverse both Hedges realizing a 1.44% loss

08:22 close GBPJPY Short to pay for the hedge and adding a 1.39% gain

GBPJPY probably falls later to 148.407 and 147.856

08:25 .. market starts to get VERY Choppy on EUR pairs .. not sure what this about, I may exit early

08:29 EURAUD dropped back to the vWap the risk it may break was too great better to re-hedge.

08:41 release EURAUD hedge for the 3rd try.

09:50 exit EURAUD Buy early gaining 2.37%

price probably is going higher,
but the position was very large, better to get out as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

10:03 and as for Frick’ng usual .. price on EURAUD went to the original Profit point, well better be safe than sorry.

Closing Today with a total gain of +1.867%


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