214 | +5.061% | 3 Setups

09:18 Thursday, markets look quite interesting .. USD was flat almost all night. interesting times ahead. I have a feeling this will become a short session.

Currency Data now:

  • Positive: AUD 
  • Negative: USD, CAD
  • Neutral: EUR
  • Pair(s) to Watch: AUDUSD (Sell)
  • Asia Session had serval small events planned (before start trading), mostly for Australia.

09:18Buying EURUSD

09:22placing BUY Limit order on AUDUSD 0.7662

09:25Buying USDCNH

10:40delete buy limit order on AUDUSD (missed to pick it up bt 0.7 pips)

13:42Closing USDCNH with a 1.198% gain.

14:08Scaling in 75% on the EURUSD Trade

14:37closing scale ins, as price start to drop again, gaining 0.926% with it.

14:49 the intersession volatility did (as expected) clear the ongoing EURUSD trades, I was not planning on making any profits, as I made in the scale-in’s of the trade some, and the position is too large to carry it, slippage however was on my side, adding another 2.937% gain.


Total Today: +5.061%



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