219 | +1.371% | 5 Setups

11:50 Very late this Thursday, missed all the asia open action.

Currency Data now:

  • Positive: NZD, CAD, EUR  
  • Negative: JPY, GBP, CHF
  • Neutral: -/-
  • Pair(s) to Watch: NZDJPY (Sell)
  • Asia Session had Interest Rate Decision (Bank of Japan) but the rate is unchanged.

11:56 Buy AUDJPY, it’s a late entry so the size will be very small.

12:03 massive drop on Australian dollars, reversing AUDJPY position to Sell, realising 1.1% loss.

12:43 Selling NZDUSD

12:13 Buying USDSGD

13:14 scaling in on USDSGD Buy

13:33 looks itchy.. I may exit in a breakeven, as the trades start to paying for each other, but sizes are offset due to late entries. this may become expensive if AUDJPY goes up too much.

13:42 closing USDSGD Buy gaining 0.221%

14:06 reversing all positions to buy realizing a 1.522% loss.

14:06 buying EURJPY

14:11 a spike up in EURO put the EURJPY position in good profit, however, this could be a fake, caution!

14:19 setting Swingfish Helper to close all positions once it’s paid for the loss

14:38 closing NZDUSD trades .. the drop reached my original target but i did reverse on the volatility already adding another 0.32% loss.

15:45 scaling in on AUDJPY and EURJPY Buy

15:58 scaling in 8% on AUDJPY before the vWap

16:35 leaving for school-run, I set the SwingFish Helper to protect the equity and sell all once the positions go below 0$

18:25 closing AUDJPY and EURJPY buy trades manually from my Smartphone,
AUDJPY did go to the original target, but i could not really make that out on the smartphone, so better take what we have before it turns bad.

19:02 Selling GBPUSD

18:55 closing GBPUSD with a huge gain.

sadly if I had held longer that would put the account in the 5% profit region.
but today is not a good day, so I am grateful for closing it green.

GBPUSD likely to see S3 in a very short time as well.

Total Today: +1.371%


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