220 | +1.79% | 4 Setups

06:24 a cold good Friday Morning to everyone, markets are extremly quiet at basically no volume plus most Symbols are on some minor or majow resistance point, so its Range day today.

Currency Data now:

  • Positive: CAD, AUD  
  • Negative: CHF, EUR, JPY
  • Neutral: GBP
  • Pair(s) to Watch: CADCHF (Buy)
  • Asia Session has the US Government Shutdown Limit planned.

06:33Short USDJPY

06:56exiting USDJPY short as I have some personal stuff to attend to right now. school-run, breakfast and so on 😉

08:52 back from School-run, shorting USDJPY again

09:34shorting USDJPY again to the old target (moved to meet the trendline to 113.237)

09:42scaling in on USDJPY Sell

10:29closing all USDJPY Sells.

the Sell setup is still valid, but the Nikkei appears to be strong, plus the DXY gaped up …

11:19Short USDJPY again (just for a quick micro range play) as the Nikkei is still above vWap, i do not think the channel/wedge bottom will be reached with this trade.

11:45scaling in 15% on USDJPY short as it reaches the vWap. there is, however, a great chance it breaks upwards.

12:01 I got wet feet. closed the trade and guess what happens about half a second later (not kidding)
price went right into the target to the pip! anyway .. gained 0.21%.

12:04Buying NZDUSD for a pip or two

12:32 the NZDUSD trade was not supposed to be taken that long, as the reward was terrible on it in the beginning.
scaling in 100%, I will exit this on Breakeven. Original TP is 0.7026

13:09exit NZDUSD gaining 0.49%

Closing up for this week (maybe do some Stock trading in the NY session)
for now, have some emails to manage and new client accounts to fit in.

Total Today: +1.79%


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