222 | +1.13% | 5 Setups

22:44 (Mon) Merry Christmas to everyone, the next coming days is not much to expect. also since markets where off 3 days, there is no chart-data available regarding divergences. however, some little data suggest USD on the upside and GBP on the Downside.

Currency Data now:

  1. Positive: USD  
  2. Negative: GBP, EUR
  3. Pair(s) to Watch: GBPUSD (Buy)
  4. Asia Session had some events planned including Bank of Japan Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes
  5. Public Holidays in: Austria, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, United Kingdom and South Africa

08:36 Shorting GBPUSD

08:41 price flanked up across the vWap, to prevent getting into a mess as first business of the day, decided to manually hedge at a 0.2%


### Livestream Starts here ###

11:05 decided to start the Livestream even there is nothing really going on. GBPUSD Hedge is still on and the price is pretty much unchanged. looking into scalping a little bit on gold

DXY Gaped down into the Friday Gap

11:33Buying USDSGD for the Pivot Retest

11:49Buying GOLD and scaling in 15% on USDSGD

13:12Closing GOLD Buy gaining 1.005%

13:33reversing USDSGD and scale in 100% as there is Very little room to make up the hedge loss.

the UsDollar Index has not moved at all since the market opens, so any guess is as good as the other.
however, the downside looks more favorable in the larger timeframes of USDSGD.

14:18Buying Gold again

14:21 instead of taking profit in the “best loss” I held on .. auto hedged the positions with a 1.2% Loss.

19:07closing GOLD and GBPUSD claiming back half the losses.

19:18buying GBPUSD and EURUSD

20:16GBPUSD broke out downwards.. closing a trade with 0.64% loss

21:16close EURUSD Buy with a 0.516% gain

21:16Re-Buy EURUSD at the vWap

scaling in a few times for a quick exit

21:24hitting close all .. gaining 1.874%

Total Today: +1.13%

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