223 | +1.392% | 3 Setups

02:44 Happy second Christmas Holiday. 

Currency Data now:

  • Positive: CAD, AUD, JPY  
  • Negative: EUR, NZD
  • Neutral: GBP
  • Pair(s) to Watch: EURAUD (Sell)

11:25 Shorting USDJPY

11:41 Close USDJPY Sell as it reached the micro wedge bottom gaining 0.432%

11:42 Suddenly there was a drop in the USDollar. catching the falling knife and re-shorting USDJPY as it has not yet started moving, however, i had to “make up a quick target” so this is just a scalp. (will check after for news) gaining 0.926 % in less than 15 seconds!

12:52 re-shorting USDJPY to retest of channel low.

about 10 sec later i realised that iam on the 3 Minutes chart and the distance is less than I need to actually pay for the trade, plus DXY is on a sort-of major intraday trendline .. suggesting there may be a bounce.

so I exit on the retest with a 0.001% gain .. (better getting out green than holding a hedge as a result of the bounce)


12:58 good call on exit USDJPY, that would have gotten expensive.

calling it a day, I have planned to finish the new Client System for SwingFIsh Lenders.

Total Today: +1.392%


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