224 | +4.113% | 2 Setups

11:21 being Very late this Thursday, was working all night on the new Lender System of EnFoid.

Currency Data now:

  • Positive: CHF, EUR, CAD  
  • Negative: USD, NZD
  • Neutral: -/-
  • Pair(s) to Watch: USDCHF (Sell)
  • the Watch-Pair has massively dropped already, so today’s call on divergences is maybe not that profitable.

09:26 Short USDJPY to S2, 113.0 is definitely in the picture!
(however right now is maybe a bad time to enter since it hasn’t pulled back for some time already)

accidentally exited the sell early. re-entered immediately and exit a minute later on the original Short-term TP.
the price however falls strongly putting even S3 in sight, (it’s below the trendline, but the volatility is strangely low, so a huge order can push price very easy) anyway, gaining a combined 2.364%

USDJPY and USDCHF dropped massively after I exit the trades, but it’s hard to find a pullback.
the usDollar (DXY) still has some room to 92.3

12:54 re-shorting USDJPY

12:55 accidentally got auto hedge by SwingFish Helper, as I do momentum plays with large positions, that’s not so good, reversed the hedge instantly which did double the short position. will exit once the loss by the authedge of 0.322% is paid.

13:02 price falls much more manually closing all USDJPY Sell positions for a great profit.

112.674 on USDJPY is still in the picture, but the position is too large, a spike up would kill me. calling it a day.

will continue on finishing the Backoffice system for the Lenders.

Total Today: +4.113%


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