230 | +2.977% | 4 Setups

08:38 Hope you all had a great Weekend so far, Divergence data is very thin, so we may need to re-check this later on (in a few hours) again to be on the save side.Currency Data now:

  • Positive: CAD, EUR  
  • Negative: AUD, CHF
  • Neutral: NZD, USD
  • Pair(s) to Watch: AUDCAD (Sell), USDCHF (Buy)
  • Asia Session Events: Consumer Confidence Italy (pretty much meaningless)
  • Bank Holiday in Japan

08:47Buy AUDUSD

09:09closing AUDUSD for a 1.061% gain.

09:11shorting USDJPY, this will just be a quick scalp as the risk/reward is very low, due to late entry

09:25 scaling in USDJPY Short with 40%

09:29 buy EURGBP

09:22 EURGBP Auto edged

09:53 reversing USDJPY Hedge realizing a 1.3% loss

10:12 reversing EURGBP Hedge, realizing another 0.68% loss.

10:40 closing ALL Positions EURGBP and USDJPY early), markets not decided yet as the nikkei still falling and the USDollar rising, so things can change very fast. EURGBP paid for the hedge loss as well. adding a combined 2.297% gain

11:34 re-Buying USDJPY for 113.212 (113.239)

11:59 scaling in 25% on USDJPY

12:36 scaling in another 15% on USDJPY (will exit this one early, Nikkei is very weak today)

13:04 Take Profit point (Minor trendline) was reached, I exit the trades manually, got a bit Human-slippage) gained another 1.599%

TP2 at 113.271 does still stand. but I will call it a day now.

Total Today: +2.977%


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