256 | +2.707% | 4 Setups

06:17 following a quiet abut interesting Monday, in the hope that volatility is back now to normal. however, I should point out, that despite the low movements, all my targets from yesterday did play out to its fullest.Currency Data now:

  • Positive: AUD, EUR, NZD  
  • Negative: CAD, USD, CHF, JPY, GBP
  • Pair(s) to Watch: AUDUSD (Buy), EURCHF (Buyl)
  • Asia Session Events: Foreign Direct Investment (YTD) (YoY) [CNH]
  • Bank Holiday in Brazil

lesson to be learned from yesterdays slow movements:
slow does NOT means that things do not happen at all.

06:42 Probe-trade Buy USDJPY based on M30 structure (small size)

08:13 both buy Limit orders for USDJPY are filled to go to full size, however, the position loss may cause a auto-hedge now if price swings down due to Tokyo opening volatility.

09:35 closing USDJPY Buy from my Smartphone gaining 0.682%.
was thinking of leaving 1/3 of the order open all through Asia session, but will argue with the 7/11 staff I just closed it all.

10:45 re-Buy USDJPY (a bit late entry, I wrote in the chat to enter but didn’t, have to pay now for placing a smaller position)

11:55 USDJPY broke out of the Triangle formation. added to the position so I could get hedged “earlier” the drop, however, was too fast.
reversing and realizing a 1.22% Loss.

12:30 sudden drop to minor support on USDJPY exiting here with an almost 3% gain, as I do not want to give back the pullback likely to happen. however, there is almost no Support on DXY for another 1.5$ .. so a continuation of the drop should be easy

12:53 buying SILVER to 16.63 or 16.7

13:33 closing Silver at Breakeven (+0.002% gain) it’s likely to go far more up .. in the 16.66/16.69 area but I don’t like the way it behaves.

13:51 Closing up shop

Total Today: +2.707%

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