257 | +1.872% | 4 Setups

08:52 Good Yesterday was a very impressive day in matters of Nikkei and USDollar Movements .. causing USDJPY to fall almost 150 pips. so today is either a continuation or nothing happen at all.Currency Data now:

  • Positive: JPY, NZD  
  • Negative: AUD, USD, CAD
  • Neutral: GBP, CHF
  • Pair(s) to Watch: AUDJPY (Sell), NZDUSD (Buy)

10:40 Buy GOLD to R2 (low probability)

11:10 draw an additional line on the gold chart as the R2 did not look very “logic” to me
realised I missed the exit. (will exit at the retest)

11:24 exit at the retest .. got some slip tough .. adding 0.439% to the account.

11:44 greedy re-entry on GOLD Buy on the retest of the TL from the top (low probability)

12:19 Manually shorting USDMXN, anticipating the USDollar fall will be priced in to MXN as well since this pair has not moved much to the downside yet. (only small size, the trade probably takes all day anyway)

12:26 manually hedging Gold Buy .. likely to make a retest of the vWap

13:08 reversing Gold Hedge gaining 0.036% but also put the position drawdown back to 0.54%

14:27 Trailing closed the USDMXN Sell position with a 0.146% gain

14:55 got me into a little DAX mess by buying the top twice,
it’s hedged now, account still green, just have to get rid of that in the opening volatility.

15:34 as planned, the open volatility saved the day the gain was so massive that i decided to close out all deals and just take the gain.

Dax is likely to go up until 12344.6


made a quick 1000$ buy on GBPJPY to make this stupid margin picture

“showing off in the chatroom”

however, the position went negative and that’s a NONO sold 5times the original buy and hit Close all once total Net turned green. adding 0.002% to the account (will not count this in statistics)

Total Today: +1.872%

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