277 | +3.048% | 2 Setups

07:77 Wednesday, closing out all the Indices Shorts, for a great profit on the swing accounts. very curious how the markets will react to yesterdays CPI News.Currency Data now:

08:05Buy SGDJPY

08:09 Scaling in 25% on the vWap (SGDJPY)

08:44closing SGDJPY Buy as the Nikkei reached Minor resistance

09:02Buy GBPJPY (stupidly, i bought it based on the M30 chart, i did see that the timeframe is wrong after pressing the button, well lets see where it goes from there.)

09:05closing GBPJPY as it was bought based on a false analysis, it may still go that way, but there is no proper analysis done.

Total Today: +3.048%

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