281 | +1.675% | 3 Setups

Trading started a bit late today (had a car accident while on school-run).
generally we had a very slow day, and by the end of it, prices where pretty close to some key locations.
this means there will be some pickup in speed later on.
Currency Data:

  • Positive: EUR, NZD, GBP
  • Negative: JPY, USD, AUD
  • Neutral: CAD, CHF
  • Pair(s) to Watch: EURAUD (Buy), GBPJPY (Buy)
  • Asia Session Events: RBA Meeting’s Minutes [AUD] , Coincident Index [JPY]

10:43Buy EURAUD for 1.60528

10:54 closing part of the EURAUD position for a tiny profit, as there may be a swing down happening. (will re-buy it at the vWap)

11:03Scaling into EURAUD Buy

11:04Buy GBPJPY for 149.651

11:09 placing another Buy limit before the vWap to scale in on GBPJPY, and scaling in 15% via market orders on EURAUD Buy

11:15 ran out of patience, scaling in GBPJPY via Market order.

11:47 don’t really like how things are developing … losing confidence is a bad sign usually. so better take the money and wait for a better opportunity. the targets are however still in play EURAUD 1.60528 & GBPJPY 149.651.

12:50Buy SGDJPY (no target yet, as the Nikkei may turn and mess this trade up)

the R2 Pivot looks good early at 80.996 on SGDJPY

since the Nikkei is on a Key Point right now. this whole SGDJPY trade maybe not such a good idea

13:52closing SGDJPY as Nikkei hit the resistance .. I have a feeling the original TP of 80.996 is still very much doable without too much drawdown.

calling it a day … DXY is on a key position now .. and the nikkei undecided, this can take hours to play out.
maybe start another session later in the day.

Total Today: +1.675%

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