288 | +4.079% | 3 Setups

Wednesday was quite an easy day, targets where reached, on all trades just as planned. went out on USDJPY early because there was way too much size on to risk a pullback.

Currency Data:

  • Positive: CAD, USD, CHF
  • Negative: AUD, NZD, JPY
  • Neutral: EUR, GBP
  • Pair(s) to Watch: CADAUD (Buy), AUDUSD (Sell)
  • Asia Session Events: Gross Domestic Product Growth [JPY]

09:29Sell GBPJPY (i have a feeling this may not gonna work out, low probability)

09:34Reversing GBPJPY to Buy and scale in as Momentum builds up massively

09:41close GBPJPY on Today’s High

10:11Buy GBPJPY (just a quick volatility scalp)

10:11Buying USDJPY (this one works only if the Nikkei Breaks out the minor resistance it is on right now)


looks like this is not gonna work out…


10:30close GBPJPY with a 0.441% gain.
USDJPY, however, may end up in a Hedge.

10:53 as expected, USDJPY fell deep, SwingFish Helper hedged the Position automatically with 4 pip distance

12:10Reversing USDJPY Hedge to Buy (but the UDDollar is not yet positive, this may gonna cost some $$)

12:18 that was likely a bad idea (will hold it a bit longer)

14:21Closing all USDJPY Buyon TP1 (since the order is very large (margin at 290%) won’t risk it to hold till TP2 at 105.755, even the reward would be massive. [always remember, GREED KILLS!]



Total Today:+4.079%

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