289 | +2.34% | 3 Setups

Short Thursday, just about 2 Hours, had a 2.34% gain. easy money indeed, well it’s not every day like this, don’t get too much exited.

Currency Data:

  • Positive: USD, GBP, CAD
  • Negative: JPY, NZD, CHF, EUR
  • Neutral: AUD
  • Pair(s) to Watch: USDJPY (Buy), NZDUSD (Sell)
  • Asia Session Events: Retail Trade [JPY] , Private Sector Credit [AUD]
  • Bank Holidays: Columbia, Denmark, Iceland, Mexico, Norway

08:29 Probing USDJPY Buy[107.021] (probably not working out since SGD is already below the vWap)

08.43 closing USDJPY as Nikkei and USD drops below vWap.

08:49 Sell USDJPY (probing again)

09:20close USDJPY

Time to Take a Shower and go buy some smokes … (back in a bit)

10:01 didn’t go out, made a Fomo Sell on USDJPY instead.

10:25closing out USDJPY (had 2 hedges along the way) .. but it’s all green now (target of 106.4 still standing)

now I really gonna go do some shopping, (i may start another stream later)

Total Today: +2.34%

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