310 | -0.321% | 1 Setup

it’s Friday (again), markets made some substantial moves last night, so we likely hit into consolidation, plus it’s Friday, that will make things not exactly more “easy” 

Currency Data:

  • Positive: AUD, CAD, NZD, JPY
  • Negative: EUR, CHF
  • Pair(s) to Watch: EURAUD (Sell), EURJPY (Sell)
  • Asia Session Events: Tokyo CPI [NZD] , Unemployment Rate [JPY]
  • Bank Holidays: South Africa, Denmark

07:01 buy USDJPY
price action is quite bad, so this is sort of a blind bet as the dollar is above the trendline, just assume the trend is continuing.

07:32 totally forgot about the Japanese News, this may kill this trade

08:17 SwingFish-Helper auto-hedged USDJPY Buy at -8.1

08:53 reverse Hedge to Buy on USDJPY realizing a 0.276% loss

09:51 reversing didn’t work out, hedging again with double size

10:22 reversing again, Nikkei index is still high up, the direction is not very clear right now. this may go worse will exit at S1

hedging again, this is going Nowhere… having some Breakfast/lunch first.

12:05 reverse to Buy

16:22 scale in 50%

19:11 massive thunderstorm here … hedging everything .. will be back online later (will restart Livestream once back online)

02:53Calling it a cay .. resolving hedges after a bit Whipsawing with a 0.985% loss


Total Today: -0.321%

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