324 | +0.482% | 1 Setup

additional US Session Trading, as usual, went bad .. but we managed to get some small gain a few minutes before rollover.

22:36 Buy USDJPY for the Breakout

01:03 the USDJPY. the Trade may turning into a sell Setup, holding the hedge

03:02 reverse to buy USDJPY, however Gol;d is just hitting the Vwap from above and is not likely to break trough, this could be a false signal.

04:18 almost rollover time, guess i have to make a decition, take the loss, or hedge for the Rollover … well its still 40 minutes to go, once the spread starts moving, ill likely hedge as TP1 is quite a bit away (still)

04:47 closing all trades .. to avoid rollover ending a lousy US session (as usual with a way too small gain for the time spent)


Total Today: +0.482%

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