325 | -2.534% | 2 Setups

there is a speech from FOMC coming up, so things will be likely quiet till then, plus it is Friday, so be careful.
Currency Data:

  • Positive: EUR, GBP, CHF
  • Negative: JPY, CAD
  • Pair(s) to Watch: GBPJPY (Buy), EURCAD (Buy)
  • Asia/EU Session Events: Producer Price Index [EUR], FOMC Speech [USD]

09:56 Buy USDJPY

10:01 Buy EURCAD

10:39 SwingFish-Helper hedged EURCAD Buy

11:04 reversing EURCAD trade to cover the loss

11:09 scale in 20% on USDJPY

11:13 looks like the hedge reversal was not such a good idea, as the major pairs start to reverse, let’s just hope this is a small pull instead.

11:43 while scaling accidentally sold double size USDJPY instead of Buying 50%, instantly reversing the trade for a 0.42% loss,
now, with 3 times the size on as it should be, need to look on this very closely now.

12:13 set stop to -1 pip for the wrong orders on USDJPY

13:21 Reversing USDJPY (again) as it broke below the current formation and the vWap, new target 110.789 (or when the Nikkei hits 22860)

13:24 closing all EURCAD trades for a loss, it is likely to go up (as originally planned) but decided to leave this one. as it’s very much undecided.

14:17 release hedge trade as it did not quite made the bottom and the Nikkei is strongly on the way up. gaining back almost 50% of the losses so far.

15:40 considering shorting USDJPY for the breakout, but it’s not that clear to happen right now, still holding the Hedge.

17:56 gotta bounce, school run, USDJPY trade is still on.

02:05 the price dropped substantially, however, the market range was not enough to cover the loses, closing today anyway as now not much will happen anymore.

Total Today: -2.534%


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