332 | +3.708% | 1 Setup

Tuesday today, but because Monday was Holiday in UK and US, we can pretty much take today as another Market Monday. 

Currency Data:

  • Positive: JPY, NZD, GBP
  • Negative: EUR
  • Pair(s) to Watch: EURGBP (Sell), EURJPY (Sell)
  • Asia Session Events: Fed’s Bullard speech [USD]
  • Bank Holidays: Indonesia, Singapore

09:42 Buy GOLD (not have decided for a target yet)

TP for GOLD should be around the 1304 area, but I will likely take Profit on R1 (extremely tired today (haven’t got any sleep) was working on Privacy stuff for the Company, so let’s make this a short Session)

10:22 looks like USD gave up .. but still gold is struggling to get up.

10:37 sentiment is changing on GOLD and my position is too large,
better get out of the gold trade before I have a hedge on my positions. (target sill in play, it may just take longer)

10:39 will allow a bit more drawdown (probably a bad idea)

10:39 Pending order (Short Hedge) filled. The dollar is still going down tough.

had to make school run, went long via Mobile ..

16:36 we were just joking in the chatroom that 1304 is the max and this may also take all day to happen .. and guess what .. done after 5 minutes 😉
closing GOLD with a massive profit, paying all the losses


Total Today: +3.708%


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