Moving Office, no Live-Trading on Monday

On Monday, we will move offices to our new Location in Solstice Business Center, Singapore. To us, it is very important to always chase the best online business opportunity. This sometimes means a change in direction. Other times, it might mean moving our entire business elsewhere, adapting to the size of it. In the meantime, the only way we will only be able to be reached through our Eatel Business phone line, as we don’t want to be completely in the dark and unreachable. That wouldn’t be too good for business as you can imagine. Although for a few days we will be only reachable and not much else, I’m happy to report we’re thriving, this is a good trade up, and we couldn’t be happier.

Of note and just as a friendly reminder, as a result of this move, there will be no Asia Session Live Trading. Contact us if you need!


Our New Offices will be Located in

23 New Industrial Road, #04-08
Solstice Business Center, Singapore 536209


Thanks for joining us on the journey so far!