342 | +2.22% | 1 Setup

a very strange Tuesday indeed, basically nothing did happen all Asia session, did some scalping in the meanwhile 

Currency Data:

  • Positive: USD, AUD, EUR
  • Negative: JPY, GBP
  • Pair(s) to Watch: USDJPY (Buy), GBPAUD (Sell)
  • Asia Session Events: Trump Meets Kim [USD] , Home Loans [AUD] , 
  • Bank Holiday: Russia

09:00 Sell SGDJPY

09:26 it appears the sudden drop was just news related (maybe need to hedge this one

09:47 re-buy SGDJPY on the vWap (this may not work out, USDollar is kind of weak)

09:54 made up my mind: buying SGDJPY.

10:09 down 3 for 3 … a bad start in the day!

11:25 buying the breakout on SGDJPY

12:40 closing all trades

13:14 re-Buy SGDJPY (very risky trade but this will have a great reward if it works)

13:22 massive drop back to the vWap. SwingFish-Helper automatically hedged,
reversed the Hedge with a small profit near the vWap, making this trade even riskier.

13:27 may exit at the old resistance line around 82.74 (but that does very much depend on how prices move from now on)

13:32 this is getting too risky, exiting the trade as I made money already on the way down.
nikkei and Dollar starts weakening, better just take the money and move on.

13:42 Buying SGDJPY again .. but it instantly dropped (again no breakout), vWap still pointing up .. so hedge and wait.

13:44 reversed Hedge, was probably a bad idea

16:07 running out of patience. closing all trades with a small gain

Total Today: +2.22%


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