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there were some interesting moves during last US Session (large volatility), let’s see if we can pick up the breadcrumbs that were left behind. 

Currency Data:

  • Positive: GBP, CAD, EUR
  • Negative: AUD
  • Pair(s) to Watch: GBPAUD (Buy), AUDCAD (Sell)
  • Asia Session Events: EcoFin Meeting [EUR] , Unemployment Rate [AUD] , Industrial Production [CNH]

09:20 Tokyo opening kind of disrupted the prices .. need to check on some news what may have caused that

09:51 haven’t really a bias as of now. since the Dollar made a massive swing. blindly buying GBPJPY to 147.801 (upper Triangle border trendline)

10:07 Manually hedging GBPJPY (will use the size to scale in of it takes off)

10:19 reverse to buy, although the formation looks like a vWap reversal to the downside.

nikkei is at a turning point, if it breaks upward, this will push GBPJPY up easy, but if not it likely to consolidate for another swing downwards. in short: no clear direction, better to stay out.

11:19 I have a feeling this is going south. (if not will cut the trade on breakeven. as the direction is not really clear)

12:43 Noting much has changed, sometimes, things just take longer to fail 😉 (setting TP to 147.652 (green line))

13:05 price starts to stop sharply on GBPJPY, as the Nikkei starts to move down, I may get out of this before TP, scaling in another 5% on vWap, removing TP settings to prepare for the upcoming Hedge (i may reverse the larger order instead of hedging the full trade size)

13:16 reversing full size too short .. will exit at next resistance line for a break even trade, this is gonna be likely to be messed up on Frankfurt opening, i wont take that kind of risk after 2 Hedges.

13:44 closing all GPBKPY Trades, calling it a day since all trades are paid for and we had a tiny gain as well.


Total Today: +0.917%

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