354 | +1.483% | 2 Setups

Currency Data:

  • Positive: USD, JPY, CAD
  • Negative: NZD, CHF, GBP
  • Pair(s) to Watch: NZDJPY (Buy), GBPUSD (Sell)
  • Asia Session Events: Economic Bulletin [EUR], European Council meeting [EUR]

13:31 Buy NZDJPY (late entry)

12:42 Buy USDCHF to R1 or 1.0

13:05 scale in 25% on NZDJPY, also change TP on USDCHF to the nearby Resistance around 0.99779

13:22 closing USDCHF on TP1

13.22 accidentally closed the NZDJPY hedge while closing USDCHF .. hedging again, but that puts the equity loss larger, however, the gain is already on the account, so its not much different anyway on a monetary standpoint. I will however not make money with this trade, going to damage control now. (eg. exit when the mess is paid for)

School Run time, hedging NZDJPY .. back in a moment.

14:50 back from the School run, seeing NZDJPY actually would have made my trade go breakeven, but my target was alot higher, so this would be a failure, now we are below the vWap .. so we just wait and trade a new setup .. nothing to do for now.

16:32 on a longer perspective (M30) NZDJPY looks like an easy short, however, the Pivot (S1) is in the way .. plus on the H4 chart there is at the current level a Double bottom… which could lead to a larger upwards move, eg this trade has now a very low probability.

00:52 calling it a day, holding NZDJPY Hedge for tomorrow to resolve.

Total Today: 1.483%


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