363 | +3.918% | 2 Setups

Morning everyone, being a bit late, most of the great moves are passed already, we gotta pick up breadcrumbs again today 

Currency Data:

  • Positive: GBP, USD
  • Negative: AUD, NZD, JPY
  • Pair(s) to Watch: GBPJPY (Buy), AUDUSD (Sell)
  • Asia Session Events: Home Loans [AUD] , ECB meeting [EUR]

10:35 Sell GOLD

10:59 GOLD crossing the vWap, gets hedged by SwingFish Helper.

11:02 manually reversing the hedge (spikes crossing the vWap can be expected on GOLD)

however, USDJPY is falling rather quick, so this may be still could turn bad, need to keep a close eye on it now since we have double the position selling now.

also, it appears today’s Low on Gold is also a Support from the D3 and Weekly timeframe, so a continuation is very unlikely
will search for a micro resistance level to exit.

12:11 close all gold trades on a micro trendline

13:51 Buy AUDJPY to 82.545

13:54 wow, that went bad very fast, however holding as I expect the trendline to hold. if not will manually hedge to the position.

14:02 scaling in on AUDJPY so the breakout of the trendline will be just the auto-hedge level. let’s fate runs its course 😉

14:03SwingFish-Helper auto hedged AUDJPY Trade.

14:08 that spike down could just be open volatility of Frankfurt Stock exchange .. doing nothing

15:46 reverse AUDJPY Hedge to Buy, still a low probability as the volume is extremely low, plus a retest is still a possibility.

18:35 it appears the USDollar has the force now, driving AUDJPY back up. will hedge the Trade again once it goes above the trendline. (82.221)

18:46 as expected, the price went through, hedging AUDJPY .. will wait a little bit till this is sorted out.

20:41 releasing hedge for a short term to the news release and immediately hedging after momentum is gone, USD still falling, and Nikkei is on retracement .. will have to step out in a little while again. better be safe than sorry.

23:33 closing all trades early, it’s taking forever and there are plenty of signs that it may drop again.. take what we have and move on

Total Today: +3.918%


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