367 | +5.002% | 3 Setups

today we can expect some little more volatility since Japan is back in the game.

Currency Data:

  • Positive: CHF, NZD
  • Negative: JPY, AUD, GBP, USD
  • Pair(s) to Watch: USDCHF (Sell), CHFJPY (Buy)
  • Asia Session Events: Consumer Price Index [NZD] , RBA Meeting [AUD] , BOE Speech [GBP]

09:13 quick buy USDJPY on a volatility spike

09:19 exit all USDJPY Trades

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10:02 Buy USDSGD

10:06 the USDSGD trade going bad really fast, I did not place full size yet so scale in a few times to get green on the pullback.

10:09USDollar looks like it make a small pullback .. however, the probabilities that this trade working are getting very low.

10:11 hedging USDSGD

10:28 reverse hedge to short

10:49 hedging again .. very bad whipsaw now, will wait till this getting smoothed out ..

11:01 reversing hedge again to short…

11:31 exit all USDSGD trades for breakeven at the trendline .. slippage caused, however, a small loss

11:39 re-selling USDSGD to S1

11:41 noticed I placed a trendline wrong .. after correcting it bounced right back from there, so this may go bad in a moment.

11:54 exit USDSGD on the Target (it may drop a little more as there is a resistance not far below, but i won’t risk it)

12:44 quick mid-range Scalp buy SGDJPY

14:14 reverse SGDJPY trade to buy

16:54 hedging again, have to go for school run .. back in 1-2 hours

19:56 reverse hedge to buy

20:30 hedging SGDJPY again on a partial gain (at trendline, will wait now till the Nikkei crossed the vWap)

20:43 reversing hedge as the Nikkei is finally crossing the vWap

20:40 price quickly fell below vWap on nikkei cause SGDJPY to drop sharply. it appears to stay inside the formation so leave the trade open. I have a feeling this will be an expensive choice of action.

News hit just 3 pips before the target makes the price drop massively again!! this is truly a horrible day today!

22:30 closing ALL trades as finally the targets been reached.

Total Today: +5.002%


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