445 | +6.719% | 3 Setups

Finally, the markets made its moves, and we start to see some directions.

WARNING!! Today is Mid-Term Election in the US, expect some VERY unreliable and fast movements !!

Currency Data:

  • Pair(s) to Watch: NZDJPY (Buy), GBPUSD (Buy)
  • Asia Session Events: Construction index [AUD] , Unemployment change New Zealand [NZD] , Economic index [JPY]

6:57 Buying the continuation on AUDJPY

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gotta go to the school run, will “sorta manage” the trade from the road.

09:02 made some scale in’s on AUDJPY while admiring local transportation (mobile trading again … bad trader!)

10:31 closing all AUDJPY orders via Trailing stop since it reached the target

10:57 Buy Nasdaq

11:07 scaled in too much, the pullback caused SwingFish-Helper to Hedge the Nasdaq trade, reversing for a Breakeven run

12:12 exit all Nasdaq Trades as the resistance was tested 4 times now

12:51 Buy GBPJPY

12:54 autohedged GBPJPY, well that was a fun trade anyway

16:33 reverse Hedge on GBPJPY to Buy

19:06 close all GBPJPY trades


Total Today: +6.719%

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