455 | +3.876% | 4 Setups

Last US Session made some impressive moves, however, most of them where not yet completed, so if we lucky, we gonna get a “continuation session” this morning.

Currency Data:

  • Pair(s) to Watch: USDCAD (Buy), AUDUSD (Sell)
  • Asia Session Events: EU decision on Italy [EUR], Industry Activity Index [JPY]

07:22 Buy USDSGD

08:17 Buy GBPJPY

09:00 early exit USDSGD

09:42 got auto-hedged on GBPJPY by SwingFish Helper during the school run

09:43 reversing hedge as we not yet have reached the target

10:13 closing GBPJPY as the Nikkei almost hit the resistance level

10:45 quick short on EURCAD

oops, this turned out to be a VERY short “short” .. will exit it at Breakeven.

10:53 Buy HengSeng

11:02 Exit EURCAD Breakeven as planned

11:04 exit HengSeng (HK50) as momentum stops

11:24 re-buy HengSeng for a bit scalping action

11:42 okay enough Commissions produced today, calling it a day


Total Today: +3.876%

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