482 | +1.544% | 3 Setups | SGDJPY | USDJPY | AUDJPY

Today will be only a "half day" trading,
markets will be closed to New Year

Currency Data:

  • Pair(s) to Watch: CADJPY (Buy), AUDCHF (Sell)
  • Bank Holiday: it’s “The Holidays” Holiday Trading schedule here!
  • Trading will start “normally” today but markets will close Early for New Years accounting

08:13 Buy AUDJPY

08:25 I’m not so sure which one of the Lines on AUDJPY is actually significant…

08:33 close AUDJPY, as I am not very sure about the significance of the lines i made.

09:10 Buy USDJPY (breakout)

looks like Buying USDJPY wasn’t such a good idea

09:51 close USDJPY on target

11:12 Buy SGDJPY (also Breakout)

11:55 starting to get some doubt’s (i may just have bought the top)

14:28 was napping a bit (still have some cold)
not to worry SwingFish Helper would have protected my account if something would have gone bad.

I did not receive any price data, connecting CyberGhost VPN to a US endpoint on my Mac and open the platform in the web browser …

phew, everything still good .. that was quite a shock

15:42 I start to shake (cold) although its 33 degrees here (91F) I need to get out of the SGDJPY  trade and stop the stream!

hedging it manually, the spread, however, made that very expensive, but I have to lie down like right now.

20:14 close hedge on SGDJPY

20:15 add to Short position

23:22 close all SGDJPY trades

Total Today: 0%


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