496 | +12.85% | 1 Setup | GBPJPY

strangely, no gap on DXY today,
get ready for a micro storm once EU and NY comes online !

Currency Data:

  • Pair(s) to Watch: NZDUSD (Buy), GBPUSD (Buy)

09:36 Buy GBPJPY (maybe not a very good idea since we below previous Support)

10:11 auto-hedged GBPJPY

10:57 buying into GBPJPY Hedge

11:40 Hedging again GBPJPY

12:39 Close Short positions on the GBPJPY hedge for a nice profit

used the profit made from the hedge to “finance” more scale ins

17:56 Trailing stop closed out all GBPJPY trades near Structural resistance (final target is about 80 pips higher) but well, better be safe than sorry. I set the TSL purposely very close.

18:10 Price broke above, Buying the Breakout on GBPJPY

18:15 price did not break out, hedged GBPJPY

22:57 enable Trailing stop for all GBPJPY positions

23:26 TSL stoped out all GBPJPY trades

Total Today: +12.85%


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