503 | +7.599% | 1 Setup | AUDJPY

this was a profitable day,
but I will add a losing day to the stats as I risked ALL the weekly gains to make this trade happen!
breaking a 65 Day winning Streak

Currency Data:

  • Pair(s) to Watch: CADJPY (Buy), AUDCHF (Sell)
  • Asia Events: Foreign investment in Japan stocks [JPY], RBA Rate Statement [AUD], PMI [CNH]

08:21 Late entry on AUDJPY, there may be another retest, so can not put in all of the Volume.

08:43 well, did put a lot more size on the trade as I am supposed to, resulting in a forced Hedge on AUDJPY

08:59 closed the hedge positions with a massive loss, for its continuation

11:32 the Nikkei went back below, the trade on AUDJPY may not working out as planned if the Dollar also turns to the green side

18:10 the Nikkei is at its first Support if it breaks, I will start closing positions on AUDJPY

19:29 went away with scaling out AUDJPY by just a few pips, price now went above vWap, but we not out of the woods yet!
as the Dollar is still above the vWap, in fact, it didn’t move very much at all this session, I expect there gonna be some sort of explosion when New York comes online.

Dollar (DXY) Asia and UK Session

23:19 Finally AUDJPY broke out, will take profit on the target (previous high) or when the Nikkei hits the vWap

23:32 close all trades as the Nikkei hit the vWap

Total Today: +7.599%


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