510 | +8.711% | 1 Setup | SGDJPY

quiet Asia Session ahead, Japanese Holiday + it's Monday,
still have one trade to take care of (SGDJPY)

Currency Data:

  • Pair(s) to Watch: EURCAD (Sell), GBPCHF (Sell)
  • Asia Events: GDP [SGD], Eurogroup meeting [EUR]
  • Bank Holidays: Japan

still holding (partly hedged) SGDJPY Sell from Friday night, the position went into profit minutes before market closure, but, its difficult to unload a large position without having massive slippage, so we kept the position on with a partial hedge to limit losses.

08:16 closing part of the hedge on SGDJPY

.oO( not sure why the percentage indicator show’s zero … gotta fix that later)

09:35 have to leave office now for a Meeting in town, leaving the trades on
a few Limit orders not filled yet on SGDJPY, this can take some time …

17:20 did a few scale trades on SGDJPY and adjusted some TP settings via Mobile

22:43 reverse SGDJPY to Buy

its Wednesday now .. Trade almost reached the top channel, I really want to go back to day-trading 🙂

11:09 closing all SGDJPY trades on Target

Total Today: +8.711%


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