516 | -2.19% | 1 Setup | AUDJPY

Currency Data:

  • Pair(s) to Watch: GBPUSD (Buy), NZDJPY (Buy)
  • Asia Events: Trade Balance(s) [JPY] , Wage Price Index [AUD]

07:16 Buying AUDJPY to test the new “multi Account Streamdeck Integration“,
will be off the record (very small size on the live account (Button on the left))

07:21 now I feel like I should have held on to the AUDJPY Test trade 😉

09:23 late entry AUDJPY

09:54 exit AUDJPY at R1 (as I do not have a real target besides 79.75 or 79.842)

10:13 re-enter to Buy AUDJPY

10:20 the Dollar opened with a gap down, this may cause some pullbacks

10:49 closed the re-buy on AUDJPY by accident,
wanted to say something with “close all” prepared already

10:50 Re-Entering again AUDJPY

10:52 believe it or not, I closed it again, this time with the mouse, clicked to “Close Positions”, instead of “Close Orders”

10:52 re-entering again AUDJPY, quick Revenge trade to get my loss back.

11:42 looking at the Nikkei, it looks like these mistakes I made before gonna cost me a lot of money and time!

18:35 reversing AUDJPY at a 2.9% loss

21:52 got stopped out on AUDJPY a second time .. calling it a day with a 2.1% loss

Total Today: -2.19%


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