673 | -0.114% | 4 Setups | GBPJPY AUDJPY USDSGD

Low liquidity ahead

Currency Data:

  • Pair(s) to Watch: AUDJPY (Buy), GBPCAD (Buy)
  • Asia Events: RBA Meeting Minutes [AUD], Governor Kuroda speech [JPY]

07:12 the Sell Setup (triangle) seems to be still valid, re-Shorting USDSGD

07:14 after looking at it again, this trade may take some time to play out.

07:15 or not work out at all …

08:15 a wrong setting in SwingFish Helper caused the Position on USDSGD to be closed immediately after pressing Start

08:15 re-entering Short position on USDSGD

09:09 closing USDSGD, which almost paid for the initial loss.

09:46 re-enter USDSGD at the vWap

10:18 Sell AUDJPY

11:16 Limit order never got filled on AUDJPY, closing the whole trade-set early

14:05 taking the loss on USDSGD (setup is still valid, but i hedged twice already, this is going to be too expensive)

14:36 quick gamble on GBPJPY to get my loss back which worked pretty good.

15:27 quick scalp on USDJPY (with Trailing stop)

15:31 exit USDJPY .. enough gambeling for today 😉 still in a loss, but a fairly small one

Total Today: -0.114%

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