687 | +0.535% | 4 Setups | GOLD CHFJPY USDSGD AUDJPY

Early Monday Startup

Currency Data:

  • Pair(s) to Watch: AUDJPY (Sell), NZDUSD (Buy)
  • Asia Events: Retail Sales [AUD]
  • Bank Holidays: Columbia, Russia, Japan

05:59 Early Entry in AUDJPY

07:48 for some reason SwingFish Helper did hedge my position, reverse the hedge and set it to take profit once the mess up is paid.

08:13 set Trailing stop for the rest of the AUDJPY positions

08:15 Stopped out on AUDJPY

08:56 Buy USDSGD

11:13 buy CHFJPY

11:29 hedging UDSGD as it retests the vWap from below

13:19 late reversal on USDSGD to Buy

13:42 auto-hedged CHFJPY

14:17 take the loss on USDSGD

14:59 enable trailing stop, got instantly stoped out on CHFJPY,
sure never gonna trade this Symbol again !!

15:12 Buy GOLD

15:16 got badly Whipsawed on GOLD, and to make things worse the bot hedged me 3 times instead of once!
leaving me with a massive Gold Position and a 1.7% drawdown

15:28 reverse GOLD, for a mid-range target

15:48 close GOLD via TSL as this is WAY Oversized, I will not take any chances, even the final target would make me quite a substantial amount of money, but this is no time to play and definitely no the size either.


Total Today: +0.535%

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