710 | -0.853% | 3 Setups | GOLD GBPJPY AUDJPY

early bird in the cold (24°c)

Currency Data:

  • Pair(s) to Watch: ++CAD, +GBP, -EUR, –JPY
  • Asia Events: Foreign Bond Investment [JPY], Trade Balance [AUD]

06:39 Buy AUDJPY as it did re-test the resistance line from yesterday from above

08:30 AUD News were really bad, causing a heavy drop, Hedging

08:34 reverse Hedge on AUDJPY to Buy

08:39 close Buy-side with a tiny loss -> Breakeven

would not be surprised if it’s going right back up to 74.750 from here which would make this drop a really beautiful Dip to buy.

08:55 re-buy AUDJPY

12:18 Buy GBPJPY (with 1/5 size)

12:33 closing GBPJPY Breakeven (need to take care of AUDJPY)

13:33 Hedging everything

going to fix my Airconditioner
setting hard stop on Buy Positions.

16:24 got stopped out of AUDJPY with a loss while being away.

19:21 Buy EURUSD on the vWap

19:55 stoped out by TSL on EURUSD

20:15 Buy GOLD

20:39 price slowing down, taking profits.

20:48 Buy GBPJPY on the vWap

21:02 close GBPJPY Manually

Total Today: -0.853%

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