734 | +0.512% | 3 Setups | AUDUSD EURUSD EURJPY

slow day ahead as the initial move happend already due to yesterday's Holiday in Japan

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++EUR, +CHF, -GBP, –JPY
  • Asia Events: Building Permits s.a. [NZD], Current Account n.s.a. [JPY]

08:15 Buy EURUSD

08:19 Buy EURJPY

08:27 EURJPY touched barely the previous high and EURUSD suddenly stopped moving, expecting a pullback, trailing all positions with 0.5 pips

08:29 closes EURUSD and EURJPY

08:56 Buy AUDUSD

08:59 Hedge AUDUSD

11:18 Switching AUDUSD to Buy

12:12 close all Buy Positions and selling AUDUSD with small size

13:18 closing AUDUSD Sell and reverse into Buy

13:58 taking the loss on AUDUSD Buy and change to Sell

14:06 taking the loss again, reverse to Buy

14:36 closing AUDUSD Buy at the Pivot

Total Today: +0.512%

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