744 | +0.561% | 3 Setups | EURJPY AUDUSD AUDJPY

expect some strange Japenese Yen & Chinese Yuan Movements!
Currency Data:
  • Diverge Currencies: ++AUD, +CAD, -NZD, –CHF
  • Asia Events: Consumer Price Index [AUD], Consumer Confidence Index [JPY]

07:33 Sell AUDJPY (VERY Small size)

10:15 Sell AUDUSD

10:54 stop out on AUDUSD

11:13 closing about 30% of the position to reduce the drawdown on AUDJPY

11:31 quick Sell on EURJPY

had a Power Outage and realized my UPS lasts a full 2 seconds only
here is the previous Livestream recording https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Drq0Gc5UpGU

13:14 closing AUDJPY on the vWap

13:18 re-enter AUDJPY

15:21 closing AUDJPY


Total Today: +0.561%

Stream Recording (Part 1)

Stream Recording (Part 2)

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