760 | +1.892% | 1 Setup | AUDJPY

Phad some Computer issues, livestream has 2 parts

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++EUR, -JPY, –GBP
  • Asia Events: Foreign Bond Investment, [JPY], Employment Change [AUD]

06:55 Buy AUDJPY

08:59 hedging all positions, there is a major issue with my computer making everything freeze

ending Livestream here, I will be back later once this is fixed .. sorry

13:51 back home with a load of new Memory…

closing AUDJPY Sell positions in profit, however AUD is “just” at the vWap, this may be a bad idea, placing a hedge position as Stop order just below vWap.

15:13 Buy DAX

15:15 accidentally hit close-all and forgot about the Dax trade

17:40 closing quick Hedge Fest on AUDJPY, double the profits

Total Today: +1.892%

Stream Recording I

Stream Recording II

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